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Take Your Kid to Work Day

Levity and sanity are inexorably linked in my world. Particularly now. To that end, here is an interview of my ten-year-old to commemorate Take Your Kid to Work Day. Yes, I realize it's traditionally Take Our Daughters to Work Day, but it is just as important for little guys to see moms doing work they enjoy.

* We did not rehearse this and the responses are transcribed just as received. *

Mom: Do you remember the first time you went to work with me?

Louis: I remember I'd go into your old office, draw pictures on your white board, stuff like that.

Mom: What was the most embarrassing thing I've done to you at one of these things?

Louis: I actually don't know.

Mom: Are any of the meetings interesting?

Louis: Usually I bring a book. The one meeting at the UN was good. I also liked the Washington one (CPR Annual Meeting 2019); they had good soup.

Mom: Who has the best snacks in ADR?

Louis: It's a company where one of your friends works and they gave me a plate of cookies and chocolates just for me and I was like, "Now THIS is going to be good."

Mom: Does this make you want to go to law school?

Louis: No.

Case closed. Back to work. #stayhome #brooklynstrong


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