Erin Gleason Alvarez has sat in arbitrations as sole arbitrator, emergency arbitrator and as chair of tripartite panels. These cases have involved complex commercial and business issues including securities, shareholders, corporate dissolution, breach of contract and insurance issues.


Ms. Gleason is recognized and respected for her contributions to the field of arbitration.  She is a highly sought-after speaker and frequent lecturer on arbitration process management, arbitrator practice development, the necessity for diversity in arbitration.


She previously served as Co-Chair for the New York City Bar Association President’s Committee and co-chaired the CPR Institute’s Model Arbitration Clause Task Force.  Please click here for additional information on Ms. Gleason’s thought leadership in arbitration. 

* A note about arbitrating online:


Ms. Gleason participated in online arbitration prior to the pandemic and will continue to do so throughout and thereafter.  She has also sat in arbitrations that were resolved solely on documentary submissions.  Ms. Gleason has given presentations on the benefits of arbitrating and mediating online for over ten years.  She has written on the topic and participated in industry best practice events to review how parties can proceed in arbitration online with safety and fairness preserved.  




Experience as Arbitrator:

Dissolution. Breach of contract. Breach of fiduciary duty. Fraud. Commercial contract disputes relating to financial transactions, commercial property, employment, and insurance. Asset management issues. Shareholder rights. Breach of trust. Breach of fiduciary duty. Fraud.


Prior Experience:

Transactional advice and review. Governance. Mergers & Acquisitions. Divestitures.  International commercial transactions. Collateralized debt obligations. Mortgage backed securities. Corporate governance.


Experience as Arbitrator:

Commercial coverage. Professional malpractice. Property. Health and hospitals. Indemnification. Consumers.


Prior Experience: 

First and third party disputes. Commercial general liability. Bermuda forms. Construction. Construction defect. Workers' compensation. Subrogation. Cyber liability. Risk management. Policy language.


Experience as Arbitrator:

Breach of contract. Shareholder meetings. Commercial property dispute.