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Selected Speaking Engagements

  • “Arbitration Project Management,” Lawline (April 2022)

  • "Internal and External Disagreements: Is Resolving Them Really Different?" Silicon Valley Arbitration & Mediation Center (March 2021)

  • "On Your Own Terms: Negotiating the Negotiation. From the Lens of Founders," Female Founders Collective (March 2020)

  • “Mindfulness & Negotiations,” Lawline (December 2020)

  • “Mediation Preparation & Advocacy,” Clear Law Institute CLE Webinar (November 2020)

  • “Best Practices for Efficiency in Arbitration,” Clear Law Institute CLE Webinar (October 2020)

  • “Negotiation 101,” New York City Bar Association Webinar (August 2020)

  • “COVID-19, Insurance Coverage, and Dispute Resolution: Identifying Strategies,” Clear Law Institute CLE Webinar (June 2020)

  • “ADR for In-house Counsel,” Lawline (June 2020)

  • “Positive Negotiation Techniques,” New York City Bar Association (May 2020)

  • "In-house Counsel Resources for Proactive Dispute Resolution," Clear Law Institute CLE Webinar (April 2020)

  • "Dispute Resolution Workshop," International Association of Commercial Contract Managers, Americas Conference, Phoenix, AZ (November 2019)

  • "Radical Proposals for Dispute Resolution: An Efficiency Revolution, 14th ICC New York Conference on International Arbitration, New York, NY (October 2019)

  • "Women Owning It: On Your Own Terms, Negotiating the Negotiation," Made in NY Media Center, Brooklyn, NY (October 2019)

  • "Mindful Negotiation," Women Entrepreneurs NYC (WE NYC) Master Leadership Conference, New York, NY (August 2019)

  • "Ensuring the Fruitful Mediation of Disputed Claims," RIMS Annual Meeting, Boston, MA (May 2019)

  • “The Singapore Convention: Expert Perspectives on its Significance for the Future of Dispute Resolution,” United Nations, New York, NY (April 2019)

  • Program Chair, "ADR Bootcamp for In-house Counsel," New York City Bar Association, New York, NY (February 2019)

  • Dispute Resolution in the Wake of Disaster: Fire, Flood and Famine,” CPR Institute Annual Meeting, Atlanta, GA (March 2018)

  • Keynote Speaker, Women in International Arbitration Annual Dinner, New York, NY (September 2017)

  • Keynote Speaker, ICC Young Arbitrators Forum Annual Meeting, New York, NY (June 2017)

  • “What is Measured is Managed: Understanding the Qualitative and Quantitative Benefits of Dispute Resolution,” ICC International Mediation Conference, Paris, France (October 2016)

  • Facilitator, Joint Session of Arbitration and Mediation Committees, CPR Institute Annual Meeting, New Orleans, LA (February 2016)

  • “Cross Cultural Mediation: American and European Perspectives,” CPR Institute, New York, NY (January 2016)

  • “Intelligent Dispute Resolution in Insurance Claims Disputes,” CEDR, London, England (November 2015)

  • “Developing an International Arbitration and Arbitrator Practice: Tips for Young Professionals,” New York International Arbitration Center, New York, NY (December 2014)

  • “Diversity in ADR: Challenges and Steps Forward,” CPR Institute, New York, NY (July 2012)

  • “What Defines Success in Mediation?” CPR Institute, London, England (November 2011)

  • “The New IBA Guidelines for Drafting International Arbitration Clauses and the New Queen Mary Survey of Corporate Choices in International Arbitration,” CPR Institute, New York, NY (March 2011)

  • “A Review of Corporate Attitudes and Practices in ADR: The 2008 PricewaterhouseCoopers/School of International Arbitration, Queen Mary, University of London Study,” American Bar Association Section of Dispute Resolution Annual Meeting, Seattle, WA (April 2009)



Selected Publications

Professional Affiliations

  • Board of Directors, John Jay Legal Services, Inc., Elisabeth Haub School of Law, Pace University (2023 - present)

  • Executive Committee, Dispute Resolution Section, New York State Bar Association (2023 - present)

  • Co-Chair, Dispute Prevention Committee, Dispute Resolution Section, New York State Bar Association (2023 - present)

  • Co-Chair, Member, Executive Advisory Committee, CPR Institute (2014 – present)

  • Co-Chair, Model Clause Task Force, CPR Institute (2019 - 2020)

  • Co-Chair, President’s Committee on Enhancing Efficiency in Dispute Resolution, New York City Bar Association (2017 – 2020)

  • Member, In-house Counsel Committee, New York City Bar Association (2016 – 2019)​

  • Member, Arbitration Committee, New York City Bar Association (2007 – 2010; 2017 – present)​

  • Member, Arbitration Committee, CPR Institute (2007 – present)​

  • ​Co-Chair, Mediation Committee, CPR Institute (2014 – 2018); Member (2007 – present)

  • Member, International Commercial Disputes Committee, New York City Bar Association (2016 – 2017)

  • Faculty, Commercial Arbitration Training, New York State Bar Association (2015 – 2021)

  • Adjunct Professor, Straus Institute for Dispute Resolution, Pepperdine University School of Law (2013-2014)

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