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New York Arbitrator & Mediator
Resolving Complex Commercial Disputes with Fairness and Efficiency
Erin Gleason Alvarez


Erin Gleason Alvarez is an independent arbitrator and mediator.  She is a member of the American Arbitration Association Commercial Arbitration Panel, Complex Commercial Disputes Panel, and Insurance Disputes Panel; Resolute Systems New York and National Mediation Panels; and the CPR Institute Panel of Distinguished Neutrals.  Ms. Gleason is held in the highest regard by parties for her ability to diffuse volatile situations. She is known for her fair and tenacious approach to her work as a neutral.  
Ms. Gleason’s experience in mediation and arbitration spans her 22-year career, from her early work as a litigator and her leadership in the ADR field as in-house Global Head of ADR Programs.



Ms. Gleason has an intimate understanding of the mediation process based on her experience as a litigator, in-house counsel, and now as mediator.  This informs her approach and sensitivity to the negotiation process for the benefit of all participants who mediate with her.


As sole arbitrator, panel member, emergency arbitrator and as chair of tripartite panels, Ms. Gleason has resolved complex commercial and business disputes including securities, shareholders, corporate dissolution, breach of contract, and insurance issues.


Strategies and Ideas for Driving Fairness and Efficiency in Arbitration and Mediation

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