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Erin Gleason Alvarez

Erin Gleason Alvarez is an independent arbitrator and mediator. She acts as tribunal chair, sole arbitrator, emergency arbitrator, and mediator in cases relating to complex commercial matters, construction defect, and insurance. Please click here for more detail.  

Ms. Gleason is held in the highest regard by parties for her ability to diffuse volatile situations and reconstruct broken business relationships. She is known for her fair and tenacious approach to her work as a neutral.  


Ms. Gleason’s experience in mediation and arbitration spans her twenty-year career, from her early work as a litigator to her leadership in the ADR field as in-house counsel.  She has represented hundreds of parties in direct negotiation, arbitration, and mediation of commercial and employment disputes. She also served as counsel in litigated class actions relating to securities, corporate governance, and employment matters.  As in-house counsel to a Fortune 100 company, she developed negotiation, settlement, and valuation strategies for complex commercial disputes, securities matters, and insurance coverage claims; provided guidance on drafting agreements relating to mergers and acquisitions, joint ventures, and commercial contracts; and developed and delivered global training programs on negotiation, mediation and arbitration best practices. 

​A thought leader in the arbitration and ADR fields, Ms. Gleason regularly speaks on mediation and arbitration best practices, how to drive efficiency in dispute resolution, and the importance of increasing diversity in the field.  She has written numerous articles on arbitration and mediation topics, available here.

Ms. Gleason is experienced in online mediation and arbitration, and her practice is currently limited to appointments overseeing proceedings online.  


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Erin Gleason Alvarez serves as sole arbitrator, emergency arbitrator and as chair of tripartite panels. These cases have involved complex commercial and business issues including securities, shareholders, corporate dissolution, breach of contract and insurance issues.