The blog begins...

with an arbitrator business management tutorial (sort of).

As some of you will already know, my nine-year-old serves as my business manager. Laugh all you want: this kid means business. Last year, before attending the CPR Institute Gala, I was sent off with these instructions: "Mom, I don't care if you will be sitting under the whale or what food you're having. All I want to know is how many new people you meet who will hire you." He has also negotiated a salary for himself, paid mostly in BeyBlades.

The business manager is not fooling around.

Seemingly out of the blue, the boss recently inquired as to whether I had set my Year Two goals yet and what I was going to do differently. In fact, I had not set Year Two goals and did not know I needed to do anything different. Twenty cases in my first year of neutral practice seemed pretty good to me.

I was (once again) cautioned not to get lazy.

So, I am working on goals now, which involves a new business plan and multiple Gantt charts. I realized was over-committed in bar association work, so trimmed that a bit. And with this post, I launch the blog. A Twitter account was also created (@GleasonADR, in case you are wondering - so far I have exactly one follower). Podcast to follow in a few weeks.

As for the blog, I suppose some of the posts will need to be serious. But there already seems to be plenty of serious out there. So it will include updates on things that seem interesting - primarily in the arbitration space.

Stay tuned.

(Action Item One now complete.)