Gleason Alvarez ADR mediation commercial

Mediation Approach

Erin Gleason Alvarez has an intimate understanding of the mediation process from the perspective of claimant,​ respondent, and as advocate on both sides of the issue.  This informs her approach and sensitivity to the negotiation process for the benefit of all participants who mediate with her.


As a mediator, Ms. Gleason has facilitated negotiations relating to:

  • Breach of contract

  • Multi-party construction defect

  • Insurance coverage

  • Business disputes with venture capital firms, vendors and other business partners

  • Employment/retaliation claims

  • Personal injury/insurance 

Mediation is the parties' process. 


It is the role of the mediator to listen to all sides of the dispute, foster an environment conducive to open dialogue, challenge everyone to think critically about their position and the others in the room, and assist the parties in generating options for solutions.


As a Certified Project Manager, Ms. Gleason brings a unique approach to mediation.  This includes a commitment to understand issues and party interests before the in-person mediation begins (e.g., neutral-managed discovery, risk analysis, negotiation planning sessions, and other strategies to facilitate productive negotiations, as needed).

Ms. Gleason leverages project management throughout mediation event as well, working with the parties to establish open communications, identify and manage risks to the settlement process, and helping parties to remain focused on achieving resolution of their dispute on their terms.

These tools help to promote efficiency for the parties and come at no added cost.

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