Ms. Gleason's approach to mediation is primarily informed by her years in-house.  From 2007 through 2017, she worked at AIG and served as the Global Head of the firm’s Dispute Resolution Program.  In this capacity, she was engaged in mediations that spanned the business and the globe and developed an acute understanding of what it takes to be a good mediator - and what to avoid.

Mediation is the parties’ process.  It’s Ms. Gleason's role, as mediator, to support the parties in exploring ways to resolve their dispute and ultimately put the problem behind them.  As a certified project manager, she designs each mediation as a project that has defined goals and objectives, with an eye towards risk management, maintaining clear communications, and keeping a steady momentum towards progress.

In terms of process, it is Ms. Gleason's preference to receive private mediation statements from each party in advance of the mediation, which include a candid discussion of the facts; counsel’s evaluation of the case; a history of negotiations to date; objectives for the mediation and / or a draft memo of understanding outlining desirable settlement terms; suggestions on structure of the mediation process; expectations for the mediator. Upon review of the statements and so long as there are no objections, Ms. Gleason hosts private calls with each party before the mediation in order to ask questions and provide advice on how best to commence discussions at the mediation. At the mediation day, parties participate in a series of joint sessions and private caucuses, as needed, until settlement is reached.

Experience & Accolades


Ms. Gleason has served as mediator in 72 cases as of June 2022.  She is a member of the CPR Institute Panel of Distinguished Neutrals and the Resolute Systems New York and National Mediation Panels    In 2022, the Appellate Division of the New York State Supreme Court, First Department, appointed Ms. Gleason to serve as a Special Master for the court.  She has been listed as a top mediator by Who’s Who Legal: Mediation since 2020.  She received mediator certification through the CPR Institute and chaired CPR’s Mediation Committee for four years.  She also co-authored and edited Make Mediation Work: In-house Counsel Guide to Mediation, which was published by CPR in 2018.