Dispute Resolution System Design is a process in which the following steps are followed in order to achieve a better approach to conflict management:

  1. Disputes encountered by a company or firm are analyzed;

  2. Solutions are identified to meet client goals of savings costs, diminishing the number of disputes or dispute duration, for example. Results may also focus on other qualitative goals, including quality of life for employees, development of advancement opportunities through training and skills development, or tracking the quality of neutrals engaged to facilitate ADR.

  3. Develop metrics to understand what success will look like.

  4. Implementation strategies are launched to achieve quantitative and/or qualitative goals.

  5. Measurements of solutions’ success are analyzed to ensure the health of the new systems.

As an early designer of ADR programs as a cost-saving business tool, Ms. Gleason partners with clients to understand business needs in pursuing ADR strategy, develop solutions to enhance efficiencies and cost savings opportunities in the litigation process, makes recommendations to the business on program efficacy, and establishes metrics to measure program success. 


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